Man Gets Ko'd During Road Rage After Starting A Fight The Wrong One


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By: thehazeofourlives   Channel : Fights  

Tags : street fight, White Vs. Black, Classic,

Info : Published on Aug 23, 2020

They never learn

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emoclew 2 months ago

Guy just got out of hospital, lmao

kimbee 2 months ago

Dang he was giving that guy a couple shots before he swing I wouldnt wanna fight him thats crazy

legacy 2 months ago

Why post this all swings were bull Sh*t

legacy 2 months ago

Come make me.. I'll give you my address and whatever else you need...I don't think you wanna take that route with me.

thehazeofourlives 2 months ago

Post it Bitch!!! I'll UPS you something nice.

thehazeofourlives 2 months ago

Post it. Mark

thehazeofourlives 2 months ago


taz144 2 months ago

Esau will never

greenlantern1 2 months ago

down goes frazier

paullaney 2 months ago

Black Excellence

normalthom 2 months ago

Why is that guy wearing pasties?

ericgilbert21 2 months ago

Dude out looking like a mutant

dabaggz 2 months ago

Hit that boy Azz with sum hard ones

pesos 2 months ago

Fap material.