Little Girl Snaps To NBA Youngboy Track Report

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4966 Videos . Published on Oct 17, 2019

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bootlegyourmom 9 months ago

meekmillfan maybe your boy needs to try something with kids so he can try and stay relevant.

meekmillfan 9 months ago


bootlegyourmom 9 months ago

NOPE that's fuxwitit247 do your research.

bootlegyourmom 9 months ago

Talk about trying to go viral and promote music in same video. BRAVO

snappy77 9 months ago

little becky

snappy77 9 months ago

little becky bout it

nice 9 months ago

Wow a wigga. You know she talks like a nigga. Acts like a nigga. She is a N***a wigga

lilgeorge 9 months ago

Yep she snaped

bigsen 9 months ago


money123 9 months ago

Yeah lol

realhated 9 months ago

black white or whatever, if your kid knows any rap songs you've failed at parenting

fuxwitit247 9 months ago

Another negrophiliac getting started early....

maddworld1 9 months ago

Going in