Brazilians Goons Run In Opps House And Unloads Clip In Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Report

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246 Videos . Published on Sep 11, 2019

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shoc2006 4 months ago

hmmm could this be the shit trump and his supporters trying to keep out?

hydratedh2o 4 months ago

bro if you are into some gang shit where muthafuckaz have zero qualms walking into your home and shooting you, don't fuckin live with anyone, fuckin piece of shit. now these dudes gonna double back after they realize they left a bunch of witnesses. got your whole fam killed, nice going bitch!

tinkie 3 months ago

live by the sword,...

fuxwitit247 4 months ago

If only you had some doors for your cardboard house....

espezy 4 months ago

He is no longer alive.

pianoman77 4 months ago

That was insane

benji25key 4 months ago

I'm just here to promote

vici0us 4 months ago

Closed casket.

frank3 4 months ago

If you really want a muthafucka that's how you dig they ass out.