Damn: Dude Beats His 12 Year Old Daughter After Catching Her Having Sex


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By: yrnnick

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Info : Published on Jul 16, 2019

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kingleo1 1 year ago

Beat that Azz hes a damn good father to his kids

db135i 2 months ago

that girl won't have sex again until she's n her 20s...now if no dad was n the house she would be pregnant next year

Yes, dad stop her in her tracks.. She will think twice before spreading them legs..

cetewayo53 1 year ago

This man should get the father of the year award. 1 a father acting like a father. 2. he knows what we men don't want a whore who F**ks everything. 3. when she gets grown with no kids she will thank him. after this she might one day be a decent mother and not a hoe!

bigdawg 1 year ago

Damn, that was old school as fuck. Brought a tear to my eyes .... and some motherfucking flashbacks.

possumsweatyshirt 1 year ago

Str8 like that bruh I'm shell shocked

the4thmigoo 1 year ago

One whooping a day, will keep the stripper pole away !!

knutz666 12 months ago

have they had the "talk" with her yet ? at least teach her about sex and it's consequences . you have to start disciplining kids at an early age . they have to fear the reaction of their parents more than anything . embarrassing/disappointing their parents used to be the worst thing a child could do

summergirldd007 12 months ago

You guys actually applaud this??? Smh. He was doing too much and you don't say to your own daughter, "do you wanna be a hoe", words like that would affect his kid forever. I wonder if it was a son would he had reacted like that. Of course she's too young for sex but he was doing too much. You have to educate them and teach them better about the consequences and teach your kids male or female, their value as a person with their bodies, not basically say you'll be a hoe if you have sex???????????

abellewis60 1 year ago


rdwolf24 12 months ago

Good dad beat that Azz

kkid870 12 months ago

I would have done the same thing

lilgeorge 12 months ago

well done dad

ciity 12 months ago


mindymae 11 months ago

This is child abuse. Everyone that thinks this is what "real" parenting looks like is disgusting. Maybe if he would have shown her what a real man was when she was growing up she would not have messed with some trash Azz dude that thinks sex with her at age 12 is ok.

mindymae 11 months ago

This pathetic excuse for a "father" should be in jail

jenloyalty 12 months ago

I would have beat her Azz too....she too young to be doing that mess

terrr4kt 6 months ago

*Terrr4KT that lost his virginity at 13 years old with a 13 years old girl left the chat*

terrr4kt 6 months ago

Long time ago

shooterboi1017 12 months ago

Well done embrass your kid online

tinkie 12 months ago

what a good father!! i am happy to see that i wasnt the only one who got beat with a belt.. now he should cut the little B*****s hair off.. the best thing about this is he never touch her face. the Azz is what my mother said was the only place that should be hit,but my legs got it too. love this dad and video.

rustyben911 12 months ago


rustyben911 12 months ago


summergirldd007 12 months ago

He was doing too much, he needs to reach her the possible consequences of sex, and teach her to value herself. She's too young to have sex but she needs to be educated not beatin and taught you'll be a hoe for having sex. Especially as a man whooping her like that..smh. if I was her mom I wouldn't have allowed that , you have to teach kids to value themselves and she should be in trouble, but it has to be done right.

korbyn 12 months ago

Whoo, good lawd. I bet she will think long and hard before she does something like that again. No pun intended.

cocopop 11 months ago

This is disgusting.... educate your children dont beat them for doing whats in our nature....shes 12 assuming shes gotten her menstrual and developing different hormones its just disheartening to see her being beat and not educated....on top of it being broadcasted on social media...

crumper41 11 months ago

This is abuse, There are other ways to handle this than beating this poor girl. Like be a parent and sit down with her and talk with her about the issues of having sex at this age ... He needs to he arrested and the person who filmed this

money123 12 months ago

Not going to solve the problem

tf 7 months ago

beat her grown Azz up

fatman420 12 months ago

Yeah he did the right thing but shouldn't put that shut on the internet

ericgilbert21 6 months ago

These are the kind of whoopings I had and stop me in my tracks. I thank my parents for all the whoopings they gave to me. Some people will not approve of this and this is what I say to them, kids are not the same, so many personalities. Some kids just need a good talking to, agreed. Now kids, some kids talking don’t do shit, I know I was one of them. Go in one ear and straight out the other one, some kids just need to get that Azz whooped

jeff 11 months ago


atp2 11 months ago

As a father because I have 3 girls and a son I'm glad my son is the oldest i would have tore her Azz up too with no hesitation trying to be fast

dvd2020 11 months ago

That's right, give her 12-year-old Azz a good whipping! Having sex at her age, what the hell? I would do the same not to forget giving her boyfriend an ass-whipping too!

yha9 29 days ago

good job dad now ur little girl will do wat she want cuz now she dont trust no one in her family to guide her to make good decisions,reason why most girls end up pregnant cuz their parents dont guide their life ,remember when u start f..king u just want P***y and girls want to make guys happy stup... asshole

pinkbutthole 8 months ago

All that would do is make you more sneaky

georgecaldero 12 months ago


thejollymingming 11 months ago

Is that the right way to beat your daughter like that? i know she's too young but parents must do some advice and explain to her whats do's and dont's before it happened to her i think lack of discipline from parents, that's why!!!

theduck1893 12 months ago

Good azz whooping

rlfaulkner88 12 months ago


bigsen 12 months ago

preach brother...

petedon39 1 year ago

Should've beat her Azz F**k she mean need to be studying or something way to young for that Shxt props to the father get her in check before she have babies way to young

meechiexmob 12 months ago

You have to teach them early

idgaf15 1 year ago

Oh Shit.... I can feel that and Im probably in a different state. ????

danazhamalik36 11 months ago

Yep, I hats what her Lil hot Azz needed. Too much Sh*t is going on in the world and this Sh*t right here is what causes so many kids to be out in the system. Her lil Azz wouldn't know what to do if she came up pregnant.

danilo557 12 months ago

Well said ceteweyo53

deanna87 11 months ago

I would of did the same thing stay on yo kids cuz its to much bad things happening

townslack 12 months ago

He did the right thing. My dad beat me and my little friend. The girl and I was about 13 years old. He than took her home and she got another beatdown. Dad beat me just as that dad beat his child, on her butt. my dad was not trying to hit me in my face or anywhere else. Dad had 3 boys and 1 girl and we all had children after we were married. On a more positive note, I really did try to make up for all the years I did not have sex....LOL

doctormagic 12 months ago

i'm good with the whoopin. but posting it online for us to see is lame asf. private matters should remain private.

i8125150 1 year ago

F**k that dad - F**k him up !

aboogienohoodie 12 months ago

Good ol fashioned Azz whupping but these parents cant beat the kids for what they taught them ! Yall thought it was cute when she knew all the verses to grown Azz songs dont beat her now cuz she tryna see what wobbling on the dxck is like for real ???????????

minnesotaslimm 12 months ago

Beat your daughter for f*cking ,but setting a great example as a gangbanger that she will soon wind up with

countryboi 12 months ago

Damn the slaves didn't get whipped that bad....she probably had flash backs of KUNTA