Florida Woman Throws Bucket Of Feces On Landlord


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Info : Published on Jan 08, 2020

After throwing a bucket of human feces into the face of her landlord, a Florida woman was arrested.

Joanne Mercader, 59, was charged with a battery on a 65-year-old person after the creepy incident took place on Saturday at her rented mobile home in Osteen.

According to a police report, Mercader’s 65-year-old female landlord reportedly arrived at the property early in the evening to check for broken items inside the residence.

The landlord knocked repeatedly on the trailer’s front door, but received no response, so she made her way into the trailer where she was ‘ met with a bucket full of human feces thrown into her face. ‘

Cops arrived at the house to find the landlord “completely covered in moist-dripping feces.”

She said she wanted to throw a pail of water at her landlord in a written statement, but she reached for the wrong bucket.

The pair then got involved in a physical altercation, which is how Mercader claims that she ended up with dried feces on her face.

She was taken to jail, where she was convicted on her own behalf before being released.

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money123 10 months ago

This is a good way to make people leave you alone