Dude Gets Knocked Out, Stomped On His Head, Kicked In The Face And His Homies Couldn't Save His Azz Report

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1199 Videos . Published on Sep 18, 2019

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fuxwitit247 27 days ago

They were fighting over who was gonna pay for the tickets at the AMC movie theater....

normalthom 27 days ago

Those are some sick sadistic motherfuckers.
You don't kick and stomp someones head when they're completely out like that.

meekmillfan 27 days ago

That's the best way to make sure niggas stay out for the count u dig?

bigjay 26 days ago

Black people be wilding out. When someone is in danger and hurt, the more physical damage and disoriented the victim, the better the rush/high. Violence is ecstasy for black people between the age of 6 to 56. They love to cause physical damage if not murder.

mrtea 27 days ago

Ol boy couldn't get no break to get himself together. That's how motherfuckers get they ass blowed off later on.

meekmillfan 27 days ago


meekmillfan 27 days ago

I wish a nigga would try this on my homie Meek Mill, i'd be knockin everybody out

fuxwitit247 27 days ago

When meek fucks you in the ass do you bite your lip or the pillow?

meekmillfan 27 days ago

you nasty today

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petedon39 27 days ago

Fuck that smack the shit out of all his homies for letting that shit go down like that them niggas could've took some licks to protect him while he was out smfh weak ass shit