Sick Mf Chokes A Little Girl In An Elevator! Report

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7587 Videos . Published on Aug 03, 2019

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neicy 8 months ago

niggas like him deserve to die

8 months ago

Hopefully part two of this video is on liveleak with this dude a bloody mess surrounded by her father and uncles.

suckyducky 8 months ago

He tried to choke her out to rape good thing she didnt fold and had the will to get away

normalthom 8 months ago

Oh my fucking god!! Do we now have to teach our children not to ride elevators alone?

theworldisending 8 months ago

That should be obvious.

Im sorry but that aint shit new. There is NEVER a time where a child that young should be out of eyesight from a parent or guardian, or at the bare minimum she should be with a group of other kids.

Bad parenting = bad things happening to your children.