Black Trans Woman Interrupt And Snatch Mic From Another Woman Speaking Then Goes On A Rant About Injustice At A Presidential Town Hall Meeting Report

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4966 Videos . Published on Oct 12, 2019

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nice 9 months ago

Fuxwitit247 always trying to be in the spot light. You N***a Transwoman needs to shut the F**k up. N***a PLEASE

fuxwitit247 9 months ago

Even if I was a Transwoman I'd still F**k you in the ass...

white-mans-catnip 9 months ago

That really wouldnt be a form of punishment cause thats what white males are into anyways

nice 9 months ago

Your dad is into that. That N***a is in prison and he is the cell B***h

nice 9 months ago

Your dad is into that. That N***a is in prison and he is the cell B***h

money123 9 months ago

Nobody cares sit your azz down

hydratedh2o 9 months ago

get yo big he-bitch Azz up outa there! where the F**k is security at?! I swear, people are so shook over these alphabet people, they are now allowed to disregard basic decorum and rules of an event. it used to be any one who jumped up and disrupted an event like this, would be snatched the F**k up and kicked the F**k out, now you pussies are just letting them rant and hijack the fuckin show. this is exactly why the US policy has been we don't negotiate with terrorist, because if you give them an in, then they all will be doing it.

bigsen 9 months ago


monkeyforsale 9 months ago

And just who are killing these chicks with/without dicks? Their pimps/boyfriends or rival drug dealers. In short- blacks killing blacks

normalthom 9 months ago

No big loss to the world.

lilgeorge 9 months ago

Went off

shoc2006 9 months ago

it's the Kanye of trans.

fuxwitit247 9 months ago

Ya'll better vote for Beto....but sadly most yall a bunch of racists and self hating minorities .