This Is My First Time To Witness A White Man Whoop A Black Mans Azz Report

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57 Videos . Published on Nov 24, 2019

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shoc2006 8 months ago

homie too scrawny. had minimal chance.

benevoletracist 8 months ago

Cops do it all the time

draxler09 8 months ago


payback 8 months ago

new niggas, not surprised

roscoe35 3 months ago

I grew out of fighting in the fifth grade as do most people.

storyteller4 8 months ago

Im proud of the white guy but shame on this N***a for having another lame N***a come save him

nice 8 months ago

Typical N****s let them fight. What the white dude was kicking the N****s ass.

money123 8 months ago

Come get the hands

teddylee 8 months ago

White dude outweighed him by 40pounds easily.

petedon39 8 months ago

Bro y'all can make all the excuses y'all won't for this N***a he got his Azz handed to him lol that N***a ain't got no chin white boy got in his Sh*t lol