Raw Footage: Reckless Chinese Student Kills Biker In La Crash Report

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5003 Videos . Published on Feb 18, 2020
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On February 15, 2020, several international students drove a sports car in the mountains north of Los Angeles (route 39). One rushed to the opposite road when taking a corner too fast, and killed a motorcyclist. The man then asked for help in the WeChat group and wanted a lawyer.
Fortunately, the Gopro on the motorcycle rider's helmet made the accident clear


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bucknasty 5 months ago

Asians especially the Chinese are the worst drivers

noob 5 months ago

Heard black people got no cars to drive.

alinda175 5 months ago

why all these

shaayceez 5 months ago

Speeding through the hills on gts 5.

legacy 5 months ago

Ain't no lawyer gonna be able to save your stupid Azz! Not even a public Pretender.

money123 5 months ago

0 100 real quick

internet 5 months ago

Actually he just broke his legs. He posted pics from the hospital