Cop Shoots Fleeing Man After He Falls Down, Then He Shoots Him 9 More Times And Stomps His Head!


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Info : Published on Nov 02, 2017

Los Angeles, CA — Connor Zion, 21, was in the midst of a psychological breakdown when he became violent and was subsequently killed. However, the manner in which he was killed has led to a federal court ruling that the police officer who killed him can now be sued for using excessive deadly force.

“When police confront a suspect who poses an immediate threat, they may use deadly force against him,” Judge Alex Kozinski wrote for a unanimous three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals this week. “But they must stop using deadly force when the suspect no longer poses a threat.”

When a suspect falls to the ground after he’s been shot in the back as he fled, that suspect is, by most definitions, subdued and no longer a threat. However, despite collapsing to the ground after being shot in the back, Orange County sheriff’s deputy Michael Higgins felt it necessary to stand over Zion as he bled out on the ground and fire nine more shots into him at point-blank range. For good measure, Higgins then backed up, took a running start, and began stomping Zion’s face into the concrete.

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