Black Republican Running In Baltimore Drops The Most Savage Campaign Ad Ever


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Info : Published on Aug 23, 2020

Kimberly Klacik

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rdavis67 3 months ago

Now that’s a smart good looking lady that everything she said is true. All city’s run by democrat mayors have money, corruption , drug problems and crime problems. I’m like her name one that does not. I’m waiting. She is getting my vote as a citizen in the Baltimore md area. Might need to cut her a check for the campaign. She is right dems think that all black folks are going to vote for them. 53 years Baltimore been run by Democrat Time for a F**king change. The last mayor in prison for criminal activity

vyfecta 3 months ago

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vyfecta 3 months ago

She's not speaking facts, I'm from Boston, Crime problem is near non existent, it exist! but damn sure not at a rate people feel unsafe, no issues of Mass homeless, crime, drug issues exist (Ironically not in the black communities as badly as white, your fiend clients are 1 black to 8-10 white) We don't have crumbling houses, Bandos, traps, she should speak from what she knows within HER city, Democratic Mayor Marty Walsh . we've got the 8th lowest poverty rate in the US AND the LOWEST imprisonment rate in ALL OF AMERICA we're A BLUE STATE, miss me with that bullshit.

rdavis67 3 months ago

boston is not where she is running. its Baltimore and if you dont think that what she says are facts about Baltimore your blind and deaf

swaglike 3 months ago

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person 3 months ago

She got convid

rdavis67 3 months ago

convid? you are a idiot

kendkawa 3 months ago

She meant Covid

putsumstankonit 3 months ago

She filmed this Sh*t early in the morning F*ck her. Even though I would. Lol

rdavis67 3 months ago

you from Baltimore? if not shut your pie hole as you dont know what the F*ck you are talking about

sweetpeterjeter 3 months ago

Look and see her husband and it will be explained.

greenlantern1 3 months ago

Every city democrat or republican has areas like that. I’m in miami. There are many area’s like that. with our republican governor. please read for yourself. Defunding police does not mean there is none. Get serious people. Stop being misled.

realhated 3 months ago


kendkawa 3 months ago

LIke this comment if you would marry her

yazyan3031 3 months ago

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dabaggz 3 months ago

Dam she sexy

ndamix 3 months ago

B-more! Ur being Trumped (Dumb Fucked)! Don't fall 4 it...

zzzzzzzzzz88 3 months ago

Did she even name one thing she plans on doing to make it better? What's her plan? I will only vote for who gives me the most detailed plan on how they will make things better.

ep100 3 months ago

It was one video you idiot how about you look her up and check it out and see