Bailiff Caught On Video Fixing Hair Of Woman Found Guilty Of Murder


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By: lilgeorge

Channel : Damn Shame  
Info : Published on Oct 02, 2019

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passnthru 12 months ago

She is actually doing her job they have to make sure she doesn't have anything in her hair before they take her into custody...

high-iq-neanderthug 12 months ago

That was a dog Whistle from Amber Guyger to the other White Supremacist watching." Hey follow WS. Watch how I get this coon to comb my hair with her fingers even though I'm a convicted murderer, I can still massa these negros around". Showing them how weak and docile black folks really are.

meekmillfan 12 months ago

uhh And?

fuxwitit247 12 months ago

Meek stop F**king you in the ass?....where are your meek based jokes at?

meekmillfan 12 months ago

You be making Gay replies all the time...i be worried about you. i dont make meek comments 24/7

bigsen 12 months ago


lilgeorge 12 months ago

she tripping

lefteyeleaker 12 months ago


txhustla1 12 months ago

O yeah B*****s im here lol,rog im ready to make a lil change kneegro

snappy77 12 months ago


nathandrake89 12 months ago


brodriguez 12 months ago


luckyking16 12 months ago

Shes gonna rape her...

hydratedh2o 12 months ago

that's because its a fellow pig! these black cops turn their back on being black the minute they decided to wear that uniform. they will lie and murder to protect their fellow B***h Azz cop.

jeff 10 months ago

I think she has got a good heart

whogivesafck 12 months ago

She looks like she wants to F**k her. I do, too.

danilo557 12 months ago

Passthru exaxtly

money123 12 months ago


sunnyvoodooo 12 months ago

Thats weird

fuxwitit247 12 months ago

You know she fuckin later....