Skid Row Prostitutes On The Strangest Requests Their Johns Have Made Report

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3820 Videos . Published on Feb 07, 2020

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nice 2 months ago

zodd damn a video of your grandma, mom, sisters, aunties, cousins telling their story. Wow your hoe family is shameful. CRACK KILLS YOU FUCKING MONKEY.

zodd 2 months ago

Sorry, I aint white.. but you know all those tricks are white. Eh white boy? I bet you are the trick that wanted the hoe to use a vibrator on him. You honkey faggot.

nice 2 months ago

zodd your grandma was the toothless nigga hoe that wanted the guy to shit on her.

teddylee 2 months ago

"What happened?" Is what I would've
been asking if you trifling mf'ers weren't so plentiful.

bucknasty 2 months ago

All white tricks

mrsjones11 2 months ago

tap dance on his balls in stilettos?? wow

money123 2 months ago

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