Woman Gets Into A Shouting Match With Dominos Employee And A Customer Report

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48178 Videos . Published on Sep 06, 2019

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suckyducky 11 days ago

They had her fcked up

shoc2006 11 days ago

all words and no hands. such a let down.

bootlegyourmom 11 days ago

Typical sheboon in her environment.

luckyking16 11 days ago

Dirty whites never wash their hands

bootlegyourmom 11 days ago

That nasty sheboon doesn't even wash her cunt let alone her hands.
Yet you niggas still fucking.

fuckyouwhiteppl 11 days ago

Yeah like crackers are always clean why don’t you and your mom go make a retarded incest baby

fuxwitit247 11 days ago

She kept it classy...

nice 11 days ago

Niggas act like they are clean get the fuck outta here. You ever notice monkeys always want shit for free. Pay you fucking nigga