He Probably Smashed That: Boyfriend Puts His Girl To The Test... Seeing If Her Bestie Would Slide Through


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By: dance-with-the-devil   Channel : Couples  

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Info : Published on Aug 13, 2020

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yuko23 3 months ago

No need to C**k block she gone F*ck all her male friends on standby, hoes ain’t Sh*t it’s 2020 simps ain’t learned yet? They got more hoes then us fact!

rdavis67 3 months ago


putsumstankonit 3 months ago

Unless he’s Gay

executive 3 months ago

Fake or not, this Sh*t corny. Men need to put themselves on a pedestal, have their Sh*t together to the point where you wouldn’t even concern or worry about a chick.

fastguy27 3 months ago

Yea no such things as Friends we all F**king