Wtf: Look At What This Lady Is Saying About Her Own Child Report

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1120 Videos . Published on Jul 25, 2019

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kingsmashnpassher 6 months ago

She cute ????

countryboi 6 months ago

There is a lesson to be learned here, Never Drink alcohol and smoke CRACK while pregnant......

realhated 6 months ago

looks like a pajeet

sowhatnℹgger 6 months ago

Microsoft has sent me an e-mail stating suspicious activity was contained in my account and so they had to shut it down. The only one in the world who has that brand spanking new e-mail is Rog.... I literally invented it just for Flyheight. I had to go to microsoft dot live dot com in order to get back into the account. Rogs breaking the law according to the FTC. Federal law at that. Rog has been turned in for cyber crimes. It will be investigated, charged, sentenced, then imprisoned. Flyheight will be apart of its past... And nobody will no longer be employeed by the hacking Bxtch pubic head it is

sowhatnℹgger 6 months ago

BTW, I had an account that was compromised 3 years ago that I can't even access anymore, literally. It was ROG who compromised it. I know that now because of the brand new e-mail I created just for Flyheight alone. The FTC will soon have its hard drive because its company is too small to have a dump switch.... ROG will be arrested for cyber crimes

seerock 6 months ago

I hope Rog aint doin no flagrant shi-

sowhatnℹgger 6 months ago

Of course it is. That's why I turned it in...

seerock 6 months ago

Shit he look just like his momma.

white-mans-catnip 6 months ago

You slept with an ugly dude what did you expect?

dbizzle43 6 months ago

Lh That mf is ugly doe

mrtea 6 months ago

They look alike

suckyducky 6 months ago

He handsome wait until he get older and fyi it's all in how you dress ya baby too she had me laughing though

vici0us 6 months ago

Yo she fuccing roasted her own baby LOLZ

benevoletracist 6 months ago

Dolo's baby picture------------------------------- I want my friends back

benevoletracist 6 months ago

Supppsed to be Benevolent Racst

artic1442 6 months ago

"Bless his heart" The end all be all of DAMN YOU FUCKED UP.

hydratedh2o 6 months ago

damn bitch, who'd you fuck Lloyd? "stooop, wait a minute" welp, that's what happens when hoodrat bitches out here fuckin ugly ass dope boys, and this bitch teeth are fucked too, and its probably gonna be stupid as fuck. damn kid don't have a fuckin snowball's chance in hell.

bigdawg 6 months ago

Looks like he got Graves disease or something. Need to quit roasting and take that baby to the fucking doctor.

finesse252 4 months ago

The Baby Looks Like Her Bug Faced Ass.
Her Eyes Are Spaced Like A Hammer Head Shark