Pakistani Stunt Man Does Crazy Stunts

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Published on Feb 16, 2017


A professional stuntman from Pakistan has jaws so brawny that he can bend an iron rod using his teeth and pull a minibus loaded with passengers.

Not just that, 32-year-old Ghulam Farooq, is a man of disbelief when he comes unscathed as a truck passes over his head in a heart-locking stunt.

As the crowd cheers in awe, Farooq continues to show his daredevil performances like lifting two bricks with his eyelids and boasts of mastering more than 50 life-threatening stunts.

Ghulam's incredible mettle and strength has given him the moniker of 'Jaw of Iron' in the country.

The Pakistani, who lives in Mustang city of Balochistan province, goes from village to village and towns to cities to enthrall audience with his jaw-dropping stunts and make a living out of it.