Eww: Dude Threw Up On His Drunk Girlfriend That's Throwing Up Too Report

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1120 Videos . Published on Aug 02, 2019

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realhated 6 months ago

black love <33

fuxwitit247 6 months ago

That was some funny ignorant shit...bravo...you know white do vomit porn right....lol

benevoletracist 6 months ago

He's white and she's black. are you sure he didn't slip her a Cosby Cola jQuery33104398521942373117_1564805747866? OK if not, if you blow chunks and she comes back she's yours ( Wayne's World )

suckyducky 6 months ago

Definitely intentional

fuxwitit247 6 months ago

Underage drinking is the best

hydratedh2o 6 months ago

nothing much more unattractive than a bitch who can't handle their liquor. I see any kinda nasty shit come out of any hole on a bitch, and this shit is over!