Eww: Dude Threw Up On His Drunk Girlfriend That's Throwing Up Too Report

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1055 Videos . Published on Aug 02, 2019
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nasty couple

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realhated 19 days ago

black love <33

fuxwitit247 19 days ago

That was some funny ignorant shit...bravo...you know white do vomit porn right....lol

benevoletracist 19 days ago

He's white and she's black. are you sure he didn't slip her a Cosby Cola jQuery33104398521942373117_1564805747866? OK if not, if you blow chunks and she comes back she's yours ( Wayne's World )

suckyducky 19 days ago

Definitely intentional

fuxwitit247 19 days ago

Underage drinking is the best

hydratedh2o 16 days ago

nothing much more unattractive than a bitch who can't handle their liquor. I see any kinda nasty shit come out of any hole on a bitch, and this shit is over!