Guy Goes Off On His Girlfriend For Sleeping With Older Men For Money While Carrying His Baby


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By: theduck1893   Channel : Cheaters  

Tags : Crazy, cheaters, couples,

Info : Published on Mar 21, 2020

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ish500 8 months ago

He ain't Sh*t he a bum...he can't prove nothing..she got a car apartment and a sugar daddy she got a river nigga..u sound stupid..ur jealous of the old man and show ur banned

rdavis67 8 months ago

Hey get a job so she aint got to sell that rottencrotch

cisco 8 months ago

Low on man skills. Step 1. Snatch the phone out of her hand. Step 2. Grab the keys out of the car. Step 3. Go and get your sh!t out of her apartment. Step 4. Leave her alone Step 5. Sign up for Cisco man skills course.

rr2020 8 months ago

N***a is clownin on her but will be back with her tomorrow.

ilovecerealmilk 8 months ago

You ain't doing your job then bro

lblayde 8 months ago

He only making himself look bad, paying her bills, got her pregnant, in love,his feelings hurt, talking about no insurance on her car ,lame Azz simp

dukexxx 8 months ago

"She sell p***y" That's all he's saying.