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Published on Nov 05, 2019

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So this morning on November 2nd of 2019 I Kareem Tillman was treated with racial prejudice by group of non English speaking Spanish people while I was purchasing food for my family from the Madison Cafe in the Bronx on 146th Street and Willis Avenue. They tried to over charge me an extra 10 dollars and when I calculated the price and showed them what they did they all took my food and told me to go somewhere else. I was not violent towards them, I did not cursed at anyone or make any threats to anyone.

There is a big problem with Spanish speaking people here in New York giving blacks a bad deal and over charging us, while they under charge their own that speak their language.

This has to stop. The mayor isn't willing to do anything to help create cultural Balance amongst Latin and Black people in New York.

Spanish people are being very disrespectful towards blacks in the Bronx Manhattan and other places abroad in New York. This has to stop!

All of this is going on while the president is fussing about a wall?

It's too late to build a wall.

I will be filing a lawsuit claim ASAP in regards to this!
Black people are being treated the same way we did in the pre civil rights era. This is all happening at the same time that we are suffering in this country as a whole as black people.

We have people that live in our very neighborhoods disrespecting us like we are less of a people than they are.

Racism from immigrants that this government allowed to enter this country and then gave them power over us by allowing them to have big businesses in our neighborhoods that we blacks support every day with our money.

My family had to skip breakfast today because we were all to upset to eat. This is happening to blacks all over New York and it is being done by all of the immigrants that have businesses in our neighborhoods. All of the Arabs the Asians and of course the Spanish. This is abuse and it is an exact simulation of what occured against us a people way back in the pre civil rights era. We must all be aware of these facts. We need to unite against this problem