Dude Stomps Racoons Brains Out After It Got In His House


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By: ggtv

Channel : Crazy Men  
Info : Published on Aug 04, 2020

Dude stomps racoons brains out after it got in his house

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incognegro 2 months ago

Ricky Raccoon had the whole outside to play round wit. But that wasn’t enough for him. Thought he could just walk up in dudes crib like Sh*t was sweet. He got greedy n got GOT...... Don’t be like Ricky

ericgilbert21 2 months ago


daddystash 2 months ago

lmao time to write children stories dawg

daddystash 2 months ago

lmao time to write children stories dawg

thehazeofourlives 2 months ago

It is what it is.

bossgod 2 months ago

Aww peda lol F**k that coon kids lives matter that coon could’ve hurt his kids

whiteymctrash 2 months ago

you people are scared of everything....and are full of exc.

clydeharley007 2 months ago

Only animal fuckers get in their feelings about a F**king dirty Azz rabies virus carrying racoon invading someones home lol go F**k a sick animal and die somewhere already no one is going to miss you idiots even them ungrateful animals...

rudemuch 2 months ago

this is disgusting how could someone have the nerve to do that just put on gloves and carrying it out some where or in a cage and let it go in the wild dont kill it karma is coming for him

yungwheeler 2 months ago

what a piece of Sh*t

br0llydang3r 2 months ago

What a sack if Sh*t

socoto070 2 months ago

Dude.......It was a raccoon though ?

whiteymctrash 2 months ago


whiteymctrash 2 months ago


trillsavage 29 days ago

Fucc that racoon they dirty n nasty and fucc peta

hdeleones 2 months ago

I see animal cruelty....

ericgilbert21 2 months ago

You pick the wrong house fool~ Big Smoke

skrrty132 2 months ago

F**k N***a

ausares 2 months ago

PETA's gonna be on dat azz real soon.

abm15 2 months ago


hpeoatd 2 months ago


dragonknight 2 months ago

F**king weak Azz B***h