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Published on Jul 21, 2021

Info :
At a Tarrant, Alabama city council meeting on Monday, a white councilman used a racial slur about Black people, causing noticeable shock among meeting attendees and upsetting one councilwoman so much that she had to step away from the meeting.

According to a report Tuesday in the state-focused website Bama Politics, councilman Tommy Bryant, 76, stood up and loudly asked: “Do we have a house n***** in here?” He says this about 1 hour and 41 minute mark of the Facebook video above.

Bryant could be heard making the outburst during an exchange with Tarrant’s first Black mayor, 41-year-old Wayman Newton, over some of Bryant’s wife’s racially-provocative comments on Facebook.

The video that the City of Tarrant posted to its Facebook page backs up this account.

Bryant’s shocking statement, which drew gasps from others present at the meeting, came right after someone in the audience accused Bryant’s wife of also using the slur on Facebook, according to the Bama Politics report.