Smh: Dude Speaking Reckless About Kobe Byrant "f**k You Kobe!"


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By: macnocheese   Channel : Damn Shame  

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Info : Published on Jan 26, 2020

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teddylee 10 months ago

This mf looks like lil uzi got lil pump pregnant and had him.

money123 10 months ago

Fuc this thot azz nica thirsty for clout

hahalatrelle 10 months ago

Who take any grown man with color hair seriously...... Oh P***y B***h Eat Kobe D*ck hehe I bet his kids won't ever have too eat government cheese lol..... An I bet his wife an children won't ever need section 8 He might be dead but this family set for life so really who care what a broke fatherless F*ck boy has to say

teddylee 10 months ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

smokeybear420g 7 months ago

he speakin facts F*ck kobe

factfinder 10 months ago

23 min.. Nahhhh.

ryan90 10 months ago

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