25 Year-Old Woman Dying Of Coronavirus In Peru


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By: lilgeorge   Channel : Sad  

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Info : Published on Mar 21, 2020

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bkmell416 7 months ago


countryboi 7 months ago

To all who read this, if you feel that u may have cought the flu like symtoms of CaronaV AS SOON AS YOU NOTICE A SLIGHT FEVER AND CAUGH, WITHIN 20 MINUTES, GET SOME DISTILLED VINEGAR and Water, Mix Three forths water with One forth Vinegar in a cup.......AND SIP SIP SIP SIP SIP SIP on the Vinegar and Water every 15 minutes for at least TWO HOURS....EACH SIP SWALLOW DEEPLY AND LOUDLY DOWN INTO YOUR THROAT... and you will GRADUALLY START TO FEEL BETTER...........

blacksupremacy1 7 months ago

They need to stop

blacksupremacy1 7 months ago

Why she was dancin?