Boy Goes Off On A Girl In Class That Pushed Him Report

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7599 Videos . Published on Oct 13, 2019

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brodriguez 6 months ago

He's a big man. Tough guy. Smdh. So sad.

wakanda77 6 months ago

Fuck all that white knight shit you on. Hoes need to keep their hands to themselves. Nobody is above an asswhooping.

fuxwitit247 6 months ago

Wasnt this video already posted....I get these high school fights confused..oh well...equal rights...and lefts

money123 6 months ago

She hit him first

bigdawg 6 months ago

I normally don't condone hitting women, but she did hit him first. AND she's a whole lot bigger.

slickrick00 6 months ago

i dont like when people touch me either

lilgeorge 6 months ago

provoke him

bigsen 6 months ago


bfp 6 months ago


deemoe 6 months ago

He tough now