Father Fires Gun To Get His Newborn Son Accustomed To Gunshots Report

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3096 Videos . Published on Sep 16, 2019

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onlychemical 3 months ago

Babies have very sensitive hearing, he probably damaged it. I know education isn't widely available but some cultures just do really idiotic or cruel things that make me wonder how humans are like this.

vici0us 4 months ago

If you look at the studies on inbreeding in their country, you can figure out why the IQ isn't all the way up there..

fuckoutmyface 4 months ago

This shit made me mad af....

realhated 4 months ago


bigsen 2 months ago

that's gang shit

gimmieasmallslice 4 months ago

You gone make him deaf dumbass

money123 2 months ago

Gang squad

jon61586 4 months ago

Having kids shouldnt be a right...

bootlegyourmom 4 months ago

Allah Snackbar

sys 4 months ago

This has nothing to do with GOD. Historically ( long before religion came along), arabs have been doing some crazy stuff like burying their infant daughters alive or goin on vendetta for generations. Their barbaric behavior is pre-Islamic

teddylee 2 months ago

Definitely damaged the kids hearing