A Message To All The Parents Out There Report

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3422 Videos . Published on Jun 29, 2018
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have said this before and I'm glad a young man like me is saying it
again. Stop buying toy gun for children, it teaches nothing but violence
and has negative effect in them. I could remember those days of our
childhood . Once School close, parents will
buy ball for the boys and buy (baby) for the girls. But this days
parents buy gun for their children, the same gun we condenm . The same
gun we feel intimidated if someone approaches us with gun. Parents stop
buying toy gun for our children, it doesn't teach love. Gun is a threat
to human life. There are other toys you can get for your child. If your
child ever demand for toy gun, shut the child up and teach him/her to
know that gun is not good for him/her.

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