Orange County School Resource Deputy Fired After Video Shows Him Yanking Girl’s Head And Then Calling Bystanders Stupid Little Children


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Info : Published on Nov 09, 2019

An Orange County school resource deputy who was filmed yanking a middle school student by the head and then calling a group of bystanders “stupid little children” has been removed from his post and fired, officials said.

According to the sheriff’s office, the video appears to show a school resource deputy using an inappropriate amount of force on a middle school student.

Witness video of the incident has been widely shared on social media since it was posted on Thursday. The Sheriff's Office said Friday morning the sheriff was made aware of the video and the deputy was immediately removed from the school, pending termination.

"I am very upset by what I saw on that video," said Sheriff John Mina. "The actions of this deputy appear to violate some of the most important values and expectations that I have set as sheriff. The type of behavior I witnessed on the video and on body-worn camera video will not be tolerated."

Body cam video released by the Sheriff's Office shows a deputy trying to calm the girl when the deputy who used force walks up and says “’re the one that started the (expletive) in school."

After the girl was placed in a patrol car both the witness video and body cam videos show the deputy yelling at a group of bystanders saying, "This is because 're silly! 're all stupid little children!"

The child in the video was not arrested and was released to a parent, officials said.

The department did not name the deputy but said he has been with the Orange County Sheriff's Office since February 2019. He was hired from another agency.

The sheriff’s office did not say which school the deputy was assigned to

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eyeswatching1 1 year ago

That damn sure won't be the last time she gets manhandled in her lifetime.

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might be the only time she gets paid for it $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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zodd 1 year ago

He should have been criminally charged.

money123 1 year ago

I hate pigs

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Hope he got that sit on camera

teddylee 1 year ago

Dude P***y

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