Man Saves Car Crash Victim From Burning Car!


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By: Rog   Channel : Heros  

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Info : Published on Jul 30, 2020

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xlcr 4 months ago

More time on this site I see a lot of Sh*t that makes a mockery of BLM, brothers fighting brothers, brothers killing brothers, brothers rioting, stealing, and cheating on each other but my dude here is a good god damn heroic black man saving another black man's life, this brother deserves a medal and some recognition...

aboogers 4 months ago

So you stood there recording instead of helping.

munji 4 months ago

The man in the green shirt is a hero and a blessing to society. Props to you for doing what you felt was right. You didn’t give up - even when it could have meant injury to yourself. Thank you for being a good man. The person who stood there filming is a coward and part of the moronic section of society who are too obsessed with standing by than doing anything at all. He probably still lives with his parents.

ericgilbert21 4 months ago

Good job

shutdavuckup 4 months ago


reddog60130 4 months ago

Respect ✊

whiteymctrash 4 months ago

not all heroes are white.