Thugs Went Into Bank To Steal And Mob Got Hold Of Them Report

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4972 Videos . Published on Dec 21, 2019

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kokomami 7 months ago

Well you gotta be a straight idiot to steal in Africa cause if you didnt notice they kill theifs yhere !

bigdawg 7 months ago

Maybe that's their version of "suicide by cop".You gotta be beyond desperate to rob over there.

fuxwitit247 7 months ago

That's cause everyone is poor....what you gonna steal?....malaria?

bigdawg 7 months ago

Damn, guess they don't have FDIC over there. treated 'em like they was stealing out their personal accounts.

fuxwitit247 7 months ago

He did try to steal the village gold....

money123 7 months ago

That's why you need a gun try again

fuxwitit247 7 months ago

I dont think he will have a chance to try again...

fuxwitit247 7 months ago

They let Europe and America steal their kill a man if he cuts in line....fucking backwards

bigsen 7 months ago