Mother Pulls Savage Prank On Her Kids That’s Gonna Leave Them Scarred For Life Report

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2103 Videos . Published on Oct 11, 2019

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bigsen 1 month ago


bigdawg 1 month ago

Shit ain't funny at all. One of my cousins kept playing with her kids, acting like she was choking on popcorn one night. Next day they came home from school and found her lying on the floor. They thought she was playing, but she really did choke to death. True story.

fuxwitit247 1 month ago

Tragic....She was really determined to deepthroat my dick.

lilgeorge 1 month ago


snappy77 1 month ago

Lol she said fuck you

legacy 1 month ago

Now when something happens to her for real.. They're not going to believe her.

gasparyanga 1 month ago

Well, we know her son is going to be a useless little phuck, standing there screaming like a bitc@.

danilo557 1 month ago

A prank will hurt nk body

cetewayo53 1 month ago

why would a mother do that to her kids?

money123 1 month ago


bfp 1 month ago

that was wrong smh

maddworld1 1 month ago


josephaaneya 1 month ago


fuxwitit247 1 month ago

She scared her son gay....that's amazing