A Black Woman Talks About Her Experience Dating A White Supremacist.…


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By: nikolaliende   Channel : TikTokers  

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Info : Published on Aug 04, 2020

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greenrod 3 months ago

I thought black women said white men are better then black men. Dumb stupid bxtch. Good what happened to her

ch3y09 3 months ago

I never heard a black women EVER IN LIFE SAY THAT

timbaylor 3 months ago

some people gotta learn the hard way!

greenrod 3 months ago

ch3y09 Then your def then if you haven't heard this. They have stop now because black women see white men actually hates them lol, but back a couple of years black women keep saying it non stop. It's funny how it's back fired lol

yousuckworld 3 months ago

****Rogers Kyaruzi (ROG)****** 78 Westcliff Circle Warner Robins, Georgia 404-907-8500

johndoemofo 3 months ago

Nobody gives a F**k where he lives, get a life.

hambone212 3 months ago

Go kill him then you P***y B***h

sirspankalot 3 months ago

You should put her info up instead so we can curse dat swirl loving Dumbazz out.

higgs86 3 months ago

I didn’t even watch the video but I know this B***h dumb

Ghettos gagger

ben811 3 months ago

And I should feel bad because

shabazz1981 3 months ago

You could’ve ended this in with a few pictures and some captions saying how much of a retard you are.. this chick is way to blah and lethargic for me to listen to her “story”..

clydeharley007 3 months ago

Where's the proof? For all we know he probably cheated on you or did something you didn't like and now you're scorn making lies up trying to ruin his life.....

kraphael92 3 months ago

You get what you deserve dumb B***h

pctech 3 months ago

All pussies matter

hambone212 3 months ago

Wheres the proof B*tch. She know she like getting F****d from behind with that whip hitting her Azz and a noose choking her.