Damn Lol Why He Hemmed Up The Dog Like That Report

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1018 Videos . Published on Jul 02, 2020

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hambone212 1 month ago

That dog gone F**k his Azz up then he gone do like all nikkuhs do and play the victim.

grappler247 1 month ago

The poor dog should've taken a chunk out of his face.

ericgilbert21 1 month ago

Hope get real serious on him

sagittarius617 1 month ago

Look at his room door it has holes in it. He’s definitely got anger issues and I hope the next time he does that it’s to a Pitbull and his face gets chewed off.

grappler247 1 month ago


sgtwilliedsnutts 1 month ago

Bad to the bone

tripoahrob97 1 month ago

i hope that dog F****d u up kid or not.......

eniggama 1 month ago

He lets you be the boss

smhoward 1 month ago

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