Man Slaps Young Woman On Bus For Wearing Shorts In Turkey


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By: lilgeorge   Channel : Free Smoke  

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Info : Published on Sep 24, 2019

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hydratedh2o 1 year ago

that B***h knew the risk, she lucky that's all she got, the B***h would have been raped and stoned in some other countries.

sys 1 year ago

Move to europe or America if you wanna dress like a whore.

demon0007 1 month ago

You mean if she want to dress lik a free human with rights. Not like a slave animal in the middle east or Muslim countries. Correct your sentence you stupid rat ignorant mental piece of Sh*t

sys 1 month ago

What you call sexual freedom is considered morally not appropriate in other cultures. It was the case in America a long time ago but now your women walk around with their legs open having indiscriminated sex with strangers; swingers, fags, trans and all kind of bestiality is allowed in your culture. But hey whatever tickles you.

gimmieasmallslice 1 year ago


godgun 1 year ago

yeah welcome in year 2019 - think first then write. If shorts too much so you have to bo back to year 0