Man & His 2 Kids Vs Guy & His Girlfriend


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Info : Published on Jul 24, 2020

Fight: A Man & His 2 Kids vs Guy & His Girlfriend

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mrfreakylive 4 months ago

Idgaf what none of y’all talking bout. I drunk a fifth of Hennessy. I shouldn’t have been walking away from three mfs period. Kid my ass. Them lil N****s 19 Nd 20. Who jumps people anyway then y’all knt even jump me rite. Fuxking pathetic. yeah I approach him kuz he was talking brazy and tryna get to that gun. Y’all dnt even know the whole story. Mfs out here weak af. All y’all mfs talking spicy drop location. Period. Weak Azz mfs. Nd yea that was me. Tf

senpaizai 2 months ago

You got your Sh*t rocked for being dumb dam. You talking like you really did something 😭😭

skookie69 4 months ago

I guess there's kids right there.

rdavis67 4 months ago

once again the uncivilized resort to violence to solve the issue. smdh