She Belongs To The Streets Now: Dude In Tears While Sending Girlfriend Off To College!


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By: itsme23   Channel : Simps  

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Info : Published on Aug 21, 2020

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floormat 2 months ago

Gump... He don’t know she about to go to college and bust it WIDE OPEN..

kushkandy 2 months ago

so if a man goes off to college while in a relationship he belongs to the streets too

fuzzyslippazz 2 months ago

That Neega A Simp!

spank1000 2 months ago

Yeah she gonna cheat within a year of school lol lol yes she gonna be for the streets and yes bro is a straight simp

realhated 2 months ago

just drop her phone number unless you want to catch some std when she returns home.

aboogers 2 months ago


lenzer2k 2 months ago

Mans clapped hahah love is blind/makes u blind