Lol: Girl Talking Reckless To Her Boyfriend Until He Hit Her Report

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1055 Videos . Published on Aug 02, 2019
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couple argue

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rekklesp 19 days ago

LMAO thats what happens

fuxwitit247 19 days ago

How you gonna say some crazy shit like that...and not have an escape plan

benevoletracist 19 days ago

Did she died ?

possumsweatyshirt 19 days ago

Damn she was so tough tho...

normalthom 18 days ago

I couldn't understand half of what she was even saying.

white-mans-catnip 18 days ago

She didn’t think that thru.

hydratedh2o 16 days ago

again, you messy ass bitches always running your fuckin mouth thinking you are untouchable, some dudes and bitches, give zero fucks, they will razor blade your shit, push ya fuckin wig back, rock yo jaw! so fuckin act accordingly, fuckin black qweens.

fuckoutmyface 18 days ago

100 to 0 real quick