Woman Gets Maced By Antifa!


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By: coldirtybastard   Channel : Politics  

Tags : Antifa, mace,

Info : Published on Aug 04, 2019

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realhated 1 year ago


fuxwitit247 1 year ago

You good mama....after the 15th time you build up a tolerance

shoc2006 1 year ago

bitch, it'll be jizz next time.

hydratedh2o 1 year ago

lmao caught that loud mouth B***h with her mouth open, nice. but what is this P***y shit? y'all having mace fights? this is how you think change comes about? you stand around talking Sh*t and squirting people? take your Fxg Azz on, go find a fuckin job, bum Azz F*cks blocking up the streets!