Dog Shoots Woman In The Leg After It Gets Spooked By A Passing Train


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By: lilgeorge

Channel : Crazy BUT Real  
Info : Published on Oct 09, 2019

Tags : dog, shoot, woman, spook,

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money123 12 months ago

The judge gonna hug the dog and give him a bible before doing half his time

blackreign01 1 month ago

Yeah... The dog did it.

bigsen 12 months ago

Air Bud Jr..

countryboi 11 months ago

They even got the white dog out here shooting people

bigdawg 12 months ago

Haha, them damn Labs will F**k your life up one way or another.

lilgeorge 12 months ago


josephaaneya 12 months ago


fuxwitit247 12 months ago

In texas even our dogs can shot