Judge Joe Brown On The President Being Racist


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Info : Published on Jan 07, 2020

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killerklown19 11 months ago

Interviewer sounds skeptical! Who are these businesses?

reppinrealbrothas 19 days ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

reppinrealbrothas 19 days ago

Dude interviewing is from that 80s drug era of Queens. He used to hustle with Fat Cat Nichols, Supreme McGriff, Pappy Mason. He was that episode of BET American Gangster. I think for a minute, they tried to say he had something to do with killing Jam Master Jay. His name is Curtis "Scoon", can't remember the last name. I believe Joe Brown's story. Yet, White racism can be complex. Even some White liberals are found out to be racist. Malcolm X gave a speech about that. Joe Biden is racist ASF! Barack Obama said his grandmother had racist views about Blacks, but loved him. I hear this with many biracial and adopted Blacks. A few Blacks were dating or married to a White person, then the OJ verdict, Trayvon Martin's murder, Obama's or Trump's election, then exposed them for what they really think. I believe Trump thinks Whites are superior, but is still personable and benevolent with Blacks he likes or thinks can benefit him down the road.