Miami Officer Arrested After Video Shows His Knee On Black Pregnant Woman's Neck, Later Had Miscarriage! Report

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8592 Videos . Published on Jun 27, 2020
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Police Brutality  

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#MiamiGardensPolice Officer #JordyMartel putting his KNEE on the neck of #SafiyaSatchell. Choking her not only did he do that, He put a taser too her stomach causing her to have a miscarriage.


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dwyn 9 days ago

Message to all racist in America, this new breed of black and brown people aren't the same as the ones you use to torture in the 50s and 60s these are the people Malcolm X warned you about , the Panthers warned you about without justice there will be no peace

greenrod 9 days ago

Brown people are not apart of black people so remember that in the future. No other race have gone through what the black race have, and the brown race have agree with the white supremacy and both are the black race enemies. Don't let me catch you saying rubbish like that again, you hear!!

roscoe35 8 days ago

Malcom X the greatest hero since Abraham Lincoln. The rest of you niggggers can die.

yungced3rd 8 days ago

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greenrod 9 days ago

The devils these honkies neanderthal are

db135i 8 days ago

Was he taking her in her stomach??he dont care if she's pregnant or not

vnessmusic 9 days ago

She did NOT have a miscarriage...🤦🏾‍♀️Stop spreading lies