Employee Pulled Gun On Customer At Family Dollar In Milwaukee Report

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18059 Videos . Published on Jul 31, 2019

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sys 10 months ago

She stopped being a customer and became an active agressor when she decided to attack the cashier!

shoc2006 10 months ago

she smart. knew that getting jumped at work over random petty shit is a reoccurring trend.

knutz666 8 months ago

that's what I'm talking about , stopped that hippo in her tracks . don't get caught lacking

fckurthoughts 6 months ago

Big bitches stay trying to put they hands on people just say NO TO food and you wouldnt be so fckn fat and miserable

suckyducky 10 months ago

She know no weapons at work girl you fired

kallediv 20 days ago

family dollar knows this a hoodstore.......alll STORES have a no weapon's policy but fu*k outta here....family dollar dollar store all the dollar store brands gets robbed beat up or trashed.....and she had a right to conceal ....please...give her her job or move her to a different location. people have the right to defend themselves

benevoletracist 10 months ago

Sy alloo to my leeeetle friend

realhated 10 months ago


chris9731 10 months ago

should have shot the hood rat

mrtea 10 months ago

No weapon policy =Fired