Wife Makes Her Man's Sidechick Eat Dog Poop Report

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9042 Videos . Published on Aug 13, 2019

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white-mans-catnip 11 months ago

Nah you gotta take that Azz whipping

possumsweatyshirt 11 months ago

Why this B***h look life Tyrone biggums?

hydratedh2o 11 months ago

I thought this was a tyrone sketch at first.

hydratedh2o 11 months ago

no fuckin way!! the moment some fucker even tried to suggest this shit, i'm going for their throat! just fuckin take the death. I don't know anyone who ever ate dog shit, but I got the feeling the smell stays on your soul for 3 lifetimes! that's why there's people who breath always stink even after brushing, they did some Sh*t eating in a past life.

username 11 months ago

She got herself in a shituation

legacy 11 months ago

Hell no..there would definitely have to be a fight

fuxwitit247 11 months ago

B***h jump out the window...

mrrandom3d 7 months ago

I keep telling girls check your men not the girl he knows what he's doing

atp2 8 months ago

I don't give a F**k what happen you got life F****d up If you thinking im finna eat Sh*t