Wife Makes Her Man's Sidechick Eat Dog Poop Report

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2083 Videos . Published on Aug 13, 2019
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white-mans-catnip 9 days ago

Nah you gotta take that ass whipping

possumsweatyshirt 9 days ago

Why this bitch look life Tyrone biggums?

hydratedh2o 9 days ago

I thought this was a tyrone sketch at first.

hydratedh2o 9 days ago

no fuckin way!! the moment some fucker even tried to suggest this shit, i'm going for their throat! just fuckin take the death. I don't know anyone who ever ate dog shit, but I got the feeling the smell stays on your soul for 3 lifetimes! that's why there's people who breath always stink even after brushing, they did some shit eating in a past life.

username 9 days ago

She got herself in a shituation

legacy 9 days ago

Hell no..there would definitely have to be a fight

fuxwitit247 9 days ago

Bitch jump out the window...