Guy Catches His Wife Cheating On Him With His Best Friend Who Also Has A Fiance.... Pretends To Be Sleep Once Caught


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By: lilgeorge   Channel : Cheaters  

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Info : Published on Aug 20, 2020

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krazyworld 2 months ago

Would have given him the heel of my foot and then headbutt her

executive 2 months ago

That’s a good way to get fuuuuucked up. Very vulnerable just laying there.

southeastbeast 2 months ago

Why when these white B*****s get caught they tell their man to get out.. i see why ya'll kill them B*****s

kimbee 2 months ago

What a douchebag dont even have balls to face him.. Also that B***h acting all innocent 🙄.

goodsauce 2 months ago

Can feel the pain every time his voice cracks😢