Mother Tossing Her Baby Around While Smoking A Blunt Report

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4966 Videos . Published on Sep 30, 2019

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chia-chia 9 months ago

So smoking weed around a child is bad but smoking cigarettes around a child is acceptable? How F**king stupid are you people

fuxwitit247 9 months ago

Really F**king stupid....

suckyducky 9 months ago

Welp safe to say she got a knock on the door

knutz666 9 months ago

smoke is smoke regardless from burnt toast a cig or a blunt , the level of stupidity in some people is amazing no wonder trump is the president . that baby is in for a rough childhood

sunnyvoodooo 9 months ago


money123 9 months ago

Nothing new here

doctormagic 9 months ago

black girl magic LOL

lilgeorge 9 months ago

no way

btw 9 months ago


nikkilove 9 months ago

Leave that girl alone. Shes fine. Christ, the doctor told my mom to smoke cigarettes while she was pregnant to help with morning sickness. Im not saying its right or she is perfect but, the house looks clean, baby looks healthy and fed. I will take a second to remind people of the only real study that was done on marijuana and child growth. Study carried out in Jamaica by American scientists and financed by people who were trying to prove the harm. Studies showed that the babies excelled. Unfortunately, the study was cancelled before any real growth once data started proving what financiers didnt want. Stop allowing the government to steal kids over anything. It soaks up the system and F**ks kids up even more. Obviously there are times a child needs to be removed.

finesse252 9 months ago

Are You Dumb?? That Is A Mf INFANT! But Because The House Looks Clean Therefore, She Gets A Pass? I Think The F**k Not. Tf Is Wrong With You? I Hope You Dont Have Children Smfh

brodriguez 9 months ago

You seen nothing wrong with her actions?

nikkilove 9 months ago

Punishment must fit the crime. Thats whats wrong with America. Everyone thinks every little thing needs corporal punishment. This is equivalent to pumping gas with the windows down and kids in back seat, this is equivalent to burning incense and you think she should have her child taken away? I raised my daughter who is now in university. I think I know a thing or two about fair punishments. You are participating in the distruction of your country. You are part of the reason why America has so many kids in foster care and adoption, the reason why America has more people incarcerated than any other country in the world. What a shame.

sys 9 months ago

Are you The Mom in the video?

nikkilove 9 months ago

I dont think you read what I wrote. Its not good but definitely not worth putting a child into the system.

finesse252 9 months ago

If Mfs Dont Want The Government Involved In Their Life Then They Shouldn't Post DUMB SHITT On The WORLD WIDE WEB! Play Stupids Games And Win Stupid Prizes.

realhated 9 months ago


brodriguez 9 months ago

Wow. How ignorant is this bitch? Be a mother not a F**king ratchet piece of Sh*t noone will care about. Smdh. What's wrong with ppl lately?

ahmeliiana 9 months ago

Bro...this makes me wonder if she smoked while pregnant

bigsen 9 months ago


mollyxmack 9 months ago

I swear some of these mothers I wanna stomp out. You dont love your beautiful black baby let someone else do cuz ya ugly Azz damn sure dont love ya self