Woman Catches Brutal Beating After Trying To Kidnap Someone Baby In Bathroom Report

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18089 Videos . Published on May 19, 2020

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diva 13 days ago

Momma did the right thing. I wouldn’t have stopped until I seen a lot of blood.

thehazeofourlives 12 days ago

off top!!!

hdeleones 13 days ago

I guess there's not 911 system around this area....take the law into your hand.

lightsweet01 12 days ago

yeah that's my problem. The mother is right but I would have called 911 instead AFTER I recorded her as she could be part of a whole network of traffickers' . To the mother of the child. Next time use our resources as you could have saved other children if you would have used your mind and not your fist. She just took a ass whipping for her sick team.

quezdadon 12 days ago

Some shit you don’t call the police for especially when its personal. And messing somebody’s kids is personal thats some that doesn’t need any outside interference

thehazeofourlives 12 days ago


thehazeofourlives 12 days ago


thehazeofourlives 13 days ago

This is crazy Asf!!!!

whiteymctrash 11 days ago


cocopuff177 11 days ago

Good work but the bitch shoulda never been able 2 leave the location cus the next time she might be sucessful. And then it would be another Cupcake Mkinney all over again. Mamma did enough. She may look tough but that shit was traumatic to even watch as a mother so imagine it happening in real time. With your child still on scene and still in danger you gotta fight. The people gawking needed to call the cops and sit on that bitch til the cops came...

kassh77 12 days ago

That was satisfying, ol nut ass needed he head busted 💯

legacy 12 days ago

She's sick

kuttboi86 12 days ago

Dat bitch should have left on a stretcher tf kill dat ho

markmerittjr 13 days ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

rdavis67 12 days ago

You go sista!

uncrownedgecko 12 days ago

Something wrong with that lady