Girl Drops Baby At Boyfriend's Front Door But He Wasn't Having That; Bust Her Car Windows Report

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3053 Videos . Published on Oct 10, 2019

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danilo557 4 months ago

One minute of pleasure tirns to 18 years of this...poor kids man

bootlegyourmom 4 months ago

That little monkey has a bright future.
Maybe he can be a sound cloud rapper and rap about how his parents
left him in the road.

Pinchy123 4 months ago


crimson94 4 months ago

Smh...poor kid

slickrick00 4 months ago

nigger parents having nigger kids and the kids growing up to be niggers, the nigger cycles repeats itself

money123 4 months ago


snappy77 4 months ago

He said he ain't baby sitting

viimarie 3 months ago

Terrible in every way.

lilgeorge 4 months ago


brodriguez 4 months ago

He was scared as hell to man up.

bigsen 4 months ago

that's how felt when i had to pay child support...