School Fight: Dude Gets Rocked In Lunch Room Report

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184 Videos . Published on Aug 07, 2019
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School fight: Dude Gets Rocked In Lunch Room


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shoc2006 7 months ago

how u gonna let kid n play rock you?

fuxwitit247 7 months ago

If you see a black person pull their pants up....assess the situation and quickly remove yourself

hydratedh2o 7 months ago

look like a gay couple having a fight. i've seen bitches throw more manlier punches. fuck outa here!

benevoletracist 7 months ago

both need to get expelled and given a drug test by the cops. Then after 6 months let them enroll in state janitorial school so the can learn to mop a floor and lean on a broom.
That's all they are good for, that and selling drugs