He Big Mad: Dude Spazzed On Shorty After Calling Him Unattractive


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By: Rog   Channel : Lames  

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Info : Published on Apr 22, 2020

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jcarra88 7 months ago

Is this fake this N***a can't be this lame

ryan1990 7 months ago

Yeah lame N****s like that do exist lol

rdavis67 7 months ago

What a punk. Got beat at his own game. Ya still a 2

legacy 7 months ago

This dude sucks πŸ˜‚

kuttboi86 7 months ago

Lmfao N****s kussin B*****s out n wanna fight her kuz he ugly Azz Sh*t

kuttboi86 7 months ago

Him feelings hurt

joynertr 7 months ago

Big mad was he?

brooklyn856 7 months ago


mspacmann88 4 months ago

This is exactly why I don't date New Yorkers I hate New Yorkers well not all of them but most of them that are cocky like this for no reason he looks so F**king dumb to the black race talking to this white girl like that that should make us look worse in their eyes dumb F*ck

johndoemofo 2 months ago

She don't like dark meat, respect it.

memphisreal 7 months ago

Mane to lame.NY

cisco 7 months ago

when keepin it real goes wrong